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Performance & Strategy

We are an independent oversight organization responsible to the American people and with dual reporting responsibilities to the Secretary of the Interior and to Congress. In carrying out our mission, we promote positive change in the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI).

We derive our authority from the Inspector General Act of 1978, which established OIGs as independent and objective oversight bodies to ensure accountability in their respective agencies. Our office, like all OIGs, works to prevent, detect, and report on waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement.

Our Strategic Plan assists us in meeting these obligations. This plan guides us in building a top-performing workplace that inspires employees to produce high quality work that positively impacts the DOI. This strategic plan captures elements and principles that we anticipate relying on for many years, and it will guide us as we identify specific implementation actions.

Although the principles and goals in this document frame our analysis, effective planning and execution must be a continuous effort. We engage in ongoing assessment of the specific initiatives we implement to help us meet our overall goals.

For more information, please see the latest Organizational Assessment and Strategy Map.