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Outreach & Prevention

You have a role in deterring, detecting, and disclosing wrongdoing and mismanagement at DOI, whether you are an Interior employee, contractor, grantee, or member of the public. This short video provides more detail about your role and the positive and preventative impact you can have on DOI’s mission:

The full version of this video is available for DOI employees through Microsoft Stream. If you are not a DOI employee, you can view the video on YouTube. We also provide in-person outreach briefings and virtual sessions. DOI supervisors can request a briefing for managers’ meetings, all-hands gatherings, or training events by emailing oig_outreach@doioig.gov.

When funding is misspent, everyone loses. It can impact the Department’s ability to fight wildlfires, deliver visitor services at national parks and other public sites, provide a safe and productive environment for Indian school children, provide water to rural Western communities, meet the Nation’s energy demands, and other essential functions.

We encourage Government employees, contractors, and grantees to deter wrongdoing and mismanagement. Recognizing that even the best deterrence mechanisms will never prevent all wrongdoing and mismanagement, we also encourage employees, contractors, grantees, and the public to recognize their role in helping to detect potential instances of fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement and to disclose suspicious activity to OIG’s hotline.

If you have concerns about potential retaliation for reporting suspicious activity, please visit our whistleblower protection program page to learn about your rights.

The OIG Hotline poster is available to download, print, and share to increase awareness of how to deter, detect, and disclose fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement.

Thank you for doing your part so that we can do our part to ensure accountability in the expenditure of funds intended to help meet DOI’s mission.