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The DOI manages lands, subsurface rights, and offshore areas that produce approximately 19 percent of the Nation’s energy. The management and regulation of the development of natural resources from lands and waters under DOI jurisdiction directly contribute to our Nation’s economic health and security. Energy-related operations under Federal jurisdiction also impact the health and safety of industry workers, Federal regulators, waterways and water resources, wildlife, and public lands. 

An average of $9.1 billion was collected annually between 2015-2020 in energy-related revenue for States, Indian mineral interest owners, and the public. The Office of Inspector General identifies risks and potential fraud in the Department’s energy, mineral, and revenue collection programs. In fact, we have identified energy management as a top management challenge for DOI.  
Our work in this area has benefitted the public by holding violators accountable, recovering funds for victims of energy-related fraud and criminal conduct, recommended improvements to internal controls, and reduced the risk of hard to the environment and the American public.