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Office of Management

Jorge A. Christian
Assistant Inspector General for Management

Jason McConachy
Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Management

The Office of Management is OIG’s administrative arm. Among its many activities, the office oversees budget development and execution, travel and credit card management, human resources functions, facilities management, and training. These responsibilities are delegated to five program areas:

  • Financial management oversees the budget cycle, Federal travel and credit card use, and portions of the strategic planning process.
  • Human resources oversees personnel actions, security, employee benefits, work-life issues, and related activities.
  • Information technology oversees and evaluates DOI information technology and security programs as well as provides IT support to the OIG user community.
  • Operations support manages OIG facilities across the United States, contracting, records management, and telecommunications.
  • Procurement and contracts division handles all acquisitions and contracting for the OIG.